Algorithms that intelligently aggregate and prioritize information into actionable intelligence based on an organization's unique needs.

It has been shown that the time frame between a vulnerability being publicly announced and related exploit code being discovered in the wild continues to shrink. Relying on a single source of vulnerability information can be increasingly risky because of the lack of breadth and timeliness in vulnerability awareness. Cyber intelligence teams need to know about vulnerabilities as they are emerging from a wide array of sources, and they need to track the vulnerabilities that are relevant to their organization.

Cytenna can provide this time-sensitive information to your corporate IT teams in real-time. It accomplishes this by continuously gathering, organizing and analyzing the latest information about individual vulnerabilities, their potential risks and mitigation strategies, and matching that information against your asset inventory.


Step One

Aggregate vulnerabilities and exploits from multiple sources. Continuous harvesting of emerging data to combat challenges of breadth and timeliness.

Seamless Integration

Step Two

Clean, classify, and enrich the aggregated data, so that the information is easy to understand and use.

Seamless Integration

Step Three

Cluster and relate enriched information. Allow users to filter and prioritize per their search profile or asset inventory.

Vulnerability Data
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