Signal Match

Signal Match is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product that aggregates, matches, and prioritizes the latest vulnerabilities in major software relevant to your organization, automating this tedious task so that your InfoSec team can instead focus on taking action.


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Smart Matching

We leverage AI and entity resolution techniques to match your software and hardware assets to our vulnerability data, providing visibility to vulnerabilities that are relevant, even if they are expressed in slightly incomplete or dissimilar ways.

Data Gathering
Customized Profiles

Vendor-native Awareness

Signal Match specializes in understanding certain types of vulnerability expressions (e.g., Microsoft KB patches), allowing you to better understand your risk profile.

Simple Integration

Integration is simple using our APIs. Stop copying and pasting across sources.

Simple Integration


Alerts keep you updated as new vulnerabilities are made public.

Data Science

We use AI and machine learning techniques to clean and link vulnerability information across sources, creating an integrated timeline with multiple references, affected versions and remediation information.

Data Science
Reduce your time to vulnerability situational awareness. Contact us to set up a demo or set up your free trial.